300 part 2 is not too far

300 Part 2

There has been rumours about some special screenings of the 300 part 2 movie. An insider spills some beans that it is a LOT of blood in the movie this time around. Eva Green also seems to have done a very good job as in the lead role. The story seems to be a sequel/prequel stuff and also a part of the story happens along with the original 300 story so it can be considered as a parallel timeline. The battle scenes are touted to be much more intense but Gerald Butler’s absence definitely seems to have been felt. The lucky person to get a sneak peek into the movie however was not ready to reveal if the movie has an open ending with a possible second sequel or it gives a discrete ending. Looks like we have to wait for sometime now.

300 part 2: Rise of an Empire is here

After all the hypes and hoax, the sequel to the mega hit 300 movie is named as 300: Rise of an Empire. Thought the title has been completely out of the speculated possibilities, the plot remains more or less the same. We always knew that the second part is going to be about the naval war, also known as the Battle of Artemisium. Similar to the battle of Thermopyle, this war is once again between the greeks and the Persian Empire. It is believed that the movie might throw lights on several other battles and also show the life of Xerxes and the history behind him becoming the God king.

Something that brings disappointment to all the hard core fans of the 300 franchise is that Zack Snyder is not directing the new movie. Instead it is being directed by Noam Murro. Zack recently made headlines with the superhero movie ‘The man of steel’. He has also announced that he will be making another superman movie where the antagonist is speculated to be the Dark knight himself. Nolan is going to be an executive producer.

From the trailer we can clearly see that Noam Murro won’t be a disappointment and the visuals are breathtaking than before. The fans have a long wait head of them but they need all the time to get ready for all the blood and violence.

Xerxes in 300 part 2: Battle of Artemisia

Rodrigo Santoro who played the role of Xerxes in the original 300 movie in 2006 is returning back to the sequel/prequel in the part 2: Battle of Artemisia. He is currently doing films like ‘The Last Stand’, ‘The Blind Bastard Club’ and Rio part 2.

Eva Green plays the role of Artemisia, which makes us wonder is Artemisia is a battle ground or is just some Greek queen. Sullivan Stapleton is playing the lead role as Themistocles. We may not know him as a mainstream actor but we can be assured of a power packed melodramatic performance as it was delivered by Gerald Butler.

The production crew has also leaked some information regarding who from the original 300 movie will make a re appearance in the sequel. It is said that the hunchback guy who betrays Leonidas will play a significant role in 300: Battle of Artemisia It is also said that Leonidas (played by the same Gerald Butler) and Daxos will also make special appearances.

Prequel to 300

Though there is a section of viewers who rant about the inaccuracy of the historical events depicted in the movie, we can never deny the fact that 300 was one of the best entertainers Hollywood has ever produced. It was a technical brilliance and a giant leap in terms of the technology used in filming the movies.

The second part of what could end up as a trilogy, Battle of Artemisia, is believed to portray the historical battle of salamis or the battle of Artemisium. This movie will portray a general named Themistocles as it did Leonidas in the first part. Themistocles is a general who has been credited as the sole backbone of the creation of a massive Greek naval fleet. He also let many naval battles against Persians.

The movie might have few million Persians in 10000 war ships sailing to Greece and Greece being protected by 100 fishing boats. It might even appear offensive to a few section of the world population but, the movie had always been a story from the view of a Greek and it has to be relished rather than argued.

Battle of Artemisia : 300

300 part 2 action returns

The 300 part 2 : Battle of Artemisia is the prequel of 300 Spartans. Both the storyline are based on the comic series written by Frank Miller. This depicts the war between Greek and Persia. Zack Snyder who directed the first part has signed as producer for this sequel, whereas Noam Murro is going to direct this story. The storyline of the first part was focused more on the King Leonidas of Greek who directed his team to battle against the team headed by “God-King “of Persia, while the 300 part 2 is more about Themistocles, a leader from Greek.

King Leonidas, who started from Greece with his 300 personal guards, knows that the mission is just a suicide attempt as it needs the sacrifice of Spartans. But he believed that the sacrifice will make the council to rethink about their union with Persians and that would be of some remarkable significance. Joining the hands of Arcadians on their way to Persia, they battled against thousands of soldiers. Though they were conquered by the God-King and their men, the initiative of King Leonidas gave them the intended results.  As the 300 part 2 is the prequel of 300 spartans, this will give some information about the evolution of Xerxes to “the god king”. Regarding the technology, it seems that the same technique (super-imposition chroma key) which was used in the first part will be implemented here with slight modifications.

Gerard Butler:

This trained unqualified lawyer started his early career in TV and stage shows. He also handled some production roles but the role as “King Leonidas” gave him a good recognition after which he was signed in for several movies.

Lena Headey:

The English actor, who started her acting career at the age of 17 through supporting roles, started signing on for big movies later on. The queen role played in this movie gave her a remarkable remembrance.

We can expect both Butler and Lena in 300 part 2.